Times of uncertainty can give us opportunity for positive change.
At CMS we are always looking for ways that we can help support our clients in adjusting to change, whether that be in providing career transition support to outgoing employees OR in the following 2 new programs that you may be interested in exploring:

Support for your valued HR Team Members.  

Your HR colleagues have been under more stress than any other department since the onset of the pandemic.  Their daily duties have increased ten-fold.  

From managing the health and wellness of your employee base, ensuring the streamlined continuity of business, transitioning employees to remote work formats, managing new policies to supporting important mental health initiatives for your employees, HR’s role has become increasingly complex.

You may find that some of your colleagues need personal support to help manage their own emotions and job performance.  By implementing practical tools and strategies, CMS Performance Coaches help to support your HR term so that they can best serve the employees they support.

Support for Remote Workers.

The new reality of working from home can have some great advantages from saving time and money on commuting to spending more time with family.

However, recent reports have shown an increasing number of employees exhibiting signs of burnout.  Close proximity to work-stations means self-inflicted longer hours, lack of personal interaction with co-workers, uncertainty around the job market, and an inability to separate home and work life are contributing to the problem.  

Helping your remote workers to manage their emotions and performance to maintain long-term productivity, and overall personal health is what the Performance Coaches at CMS do best.

If any of the above services are of interest to you, please connect with me for more information or a detailed conversation as to how we can help.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best,

Louise Hack
416.960.9845, 800.387.1220 ext. 2977