The field of HR is not always thought of as a rapidly-evolving, quick to change industry. However, HR departments picking up steam and are quickly adopting new techniques and technologies to bring them forward into the digital age. From technology to talent management and performance evaluations to employee engagement, you can expect to see increased adoption of these important human resources trends in the near future:

1. HR & IT Working Together

As the face of human resources becomes more digitally-focused, HR professionals can expect to see a closer alignment between HR and IT departments. While these groups were once very separate entities, you’ll likely see them working together to improve employee performance and productivity.

Your employees need both effective technology and the strong people functions that are associated with HR. IT and HR will explore new ways to organizations and work together so employees have the resources they need to perform at their best .

2. People Analytics

More and more, human resources departments are investing in people analytics platforms. The people analytics software space is growing, allowing companies to gain crucial insights into their current employees’ minds and overall company culture and morale. Many of these solutions also include some form of predictive analytics, indicating to HR staff which employees are a flight risk, identifying high performers, singling out star job candidates and even alerting to toxic employee behaviour. Though not all of these technologies and strategies are highly tested as of yet, people analytics is definitely one of the top human resources trends you can expect to see being adopted in the near future.

3. Prioritizing Employee Engagement

Companies are looking towards improving employee to enhance performance. Overall employee engagement is a key factor in the success of an organization financially. More engaged employees drive innovation, growth and profit that companies require to thrive.

Without a focus on employee engagement, organizations are putting themselves at risk of disengaged employees and the inability to attract and retain talent. Watch more emphasis on the implementation of employee engagement strategies.

4. Increased Use of Freelance & Contract Workers

Hiring freelancers can be a huge benefit for both companies and the freelancers they hire. You’ll see this human resources trend become more widely adopted, as organizations can hire freelancers with specific skill sets for one-time projects affordably, rather than hiring a full-time staff member or training existing staff to gain those skills.

Companies can avoid paying permanent wages and covering the costs of benefits, while freelance or workers can choose to take on as much work as they’d like, and set their own schedules. The result is a win-win situation for both parties.

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