I was asked recently, what the benefit of providing outplacement was.

It got me to thinking about the positive impacts that we make everyday; to the employees affected by termination, to our valued HR clients, to the employees direct manager, the rest of the employee base and the company image in general.  Here are 6 points that I thought you may find interesting, so I thought I would share:
1. Reduce discomfort. Providing third party assistance to terminated employees can greatly reduce the discomfort for both your managers and the outgoing employee. During an employment termination, having an impartial party onsite can help to diffuse an often tenuous situation and promotes a compassionate exit for the employee.  In the case of CMS, our Coaches make it a priority to connect with your former employees the day after termination to ensure they are coping well and to initiate their personalized job search program.

2. Make it easier on yourself. Working with a responsive firm that provides a professional and compassionate approach to onsite termination support, will make your job easier in preparing for an often unpleasant event.  Knowing that you have personal support and an extra ear to strategize with can often make all the difference.

3. Protect your company’s reputation. Although employment separations are often unavoidable, they can draw negative attention from the community.  Being seen to provide meaningful help to your employees can soften that impact – providing assistance to your former employees can say a lot about your corporate culture and can help to protect your reputation.

4. Maintain productivity. The same is true from the perspective of your surviving team members – observing your careful consideration of their outgoing colleagues helps them to feel more secure, more loyal and therefore be more productive in their roles. 

5. Reduce the employee’s stress.Providing career counselling and job search assistance to help your former employee secure a new job faster just feels good.  It helps them to maintain their living standards, reduces compensation requirements as well as the stress it can cause to his or her family.

6. Defend yourself. Offering outplacement services helps former employees mitigate his or her damages caused from job loss and reduces the chances of you hearing from their legal counsel. If legal action is brought against you, you can always point to the provision of professional job search assistance to help in your defence. 
Our goal at CMS is to provide you with responsive, professional and compassionate support nationwide – support that you can rely on to be consistent and meaningful.  We have priced our range of programs so that they can be offered to anyone, irrespective of his or her function, income or career level.  

As most of us know, searching for work and promoting oneself to total strangers in a competitive job market is a lonely and frustrating experience for most people.  Our compassionate team and practical tools can make all the difference when one is trying to navigate through a difficult job search.

Please connect with me if you have a situation that you think will benefit from our help. 

Louise Hack