There sure are some big HR Consultancy firms out there!  Firms that span the globe, provide every service any human resources department could wish for, and employ thousands of people.  There are many benefits to engaging with firms like this; their breadth of experience and access to information and resources is far reaching.  And a firm like CMS, can get lost under the great shadow of these fantastic companies – but that’s ok by us.

At CMS we don’t pretend to be anything but what we are, and we don’t try and compete with the larger firms.  We are happy to be considered a boutique, Canadian HR consultancy; a small, super-power that has been flying a little under the radar for the past 38 years.  We are focused and committed to the services that we provide – and we execute them extremely well.   

Our number one commitment is in providing our valued HR clients, unsurpassed customer service. We understand the complexities that come with managing people and how you often need to react quickly to fast moving situations.  We are compassionate to your position as an HR Manager, who is often stuck between implementing difficult business decisions from the top and the employees/peers that you have come to know as human beings. Being there for you the minute you need some guidance and support is our first priority.

If you are an HR Manager, you can expect easy and consistent access to a primary CMS contact, who you will develop a strong relationship with as we continue to work and grow together.  We will come to understand your business’ culture and address your needs – just as we would our own. You can be sure of fair, cost-effective prices that make providing support for all employees possible, no matter their level.  And, you can be sure that we value your confidence in providing our services; never taking that for granted. To that end, you will receive monthly progress reports ensuring that you are confident that your budgets are being well spent.

Our program offerings are focused on helping your employees – not on recruiting new ones, or advising on departmental policies or organizational development.  Whether the need is career transition or outplacement services to help them re-establish their careers following an unavoidable downsizing, a career or psychometric test with consultation about where they best fit within the organization or designing a program to uncover road-blocks and the high performance quality of work they are capable of, we use effective program materials and modern techniques that have been proven to get results.  At CMS, our focus may be smaller than the ‘big guys’, but we do what we do with wholehearted commitment to the employee – which always has a huge ROI (a topic for another post). 

If you are a corporate sponsored employee engaged in our services, you can expect a personable, professional and holistic approach to your career development that includes psychological and financial planning support, in addition to meaningful career counselling and practical job search assistance, making for a complete program experience.  You will work with a CMS Program Coach who will be well qualified in life, strategic intervention, high performance, career counselling or human resources management. They will become a strategic partner in your career transition that can often be a stressful and unpredictable time for you and your family. They will help with acceptance and change management and encourage you to move forward with confidence and optimism.

To that end, we are proud of the quality, boutique services we have consistently provided since 1981.  We are steadfast in our commitment to supporting our human resources clients and to providing modern career development tools for all employees.  We may not be one of the biggest, but we are one of the mightiest HR Consultancies in Canada. We are a feisty group, who works as hard for ourselves in maintaining quality customer service and programs – as we do for our valued HR clients and the employees that they support.