CMS is proud to introduce a new service, to help your organization build more cohesive teams through the world renown EVERYTHING DiSC profile and interactive team workshops!

Understanding ourselves and our team mates goes a long way in increasing happiness and productivity at work. If you have a team within your organization that needs help to increase their cohesiveness and cooperation with each other, let CMS’ EVERYTHING DiSC Facilitators help!During our half or full day, interactive group workshops, we will help to decipher communication,behavioural and management styles, how to recognize them in oneself and in others, and how to work most effectively with styles that differ from ones own.Each workshop participant receives a personalized EVERYTHING DiSC assessment report.Choose from the following specialized DiSC assessments:WATCH EVERYTHING DiSC IN ACTION!!
Please contact Louise Hack for more information on the EVERYTHING DiSC Assessments and how our Workshops can benefit your teams! or 416.960.9845 ext.2977