CareerMate was introduced to the general public because over the years, countless CMS candidates have asked ask us to help their friends and relatives find new career opportunities.

Please contact if you have questions about any of the following modules:

Career Assessment

This module is a comprehensive career assessment tool based on the renowned ‘Strong Expanded Interest Inventory’. Consider it money well spent if you’re thinking of changing your career direction and wondering whether it will really suit you in actual practice. Also invaluable for young people having to make important life choices prior to entering the work force for the first time; i.e. without any practical experience to draw upon. The module includes a 20 Page Written Report (PDF) which will be discussed and interpreted by a Certified Counsellor via email and phone or Skype.

Personal Goal Setting

Achieve the Work/Life Balance You REALLY want. On a day to day basis, most people are too busy to sit down quietly and define a realistic life and career goal for themselves. Most of us get up in the morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and all at once we find ourselves looking back on a few years wondering where the time has gone – and why we’re feeling so stressed out with life.

If that sounds familiar, our online Goal Setting Exercise – together with a conversation with one of our Certified Life Coaches is probably a very good idea at this precise moment in your life. Why at this precise moment in time? Because being between jobs, or dissatisfied with the one you currently have, is the perfect opportunity to stand back and reflect on how your next work commitment (job) needs to be incorporated into the pattern of life that you really want for yourself.

Obviously it is generally very difficult to fit one’s life into one’s job. But it is often possible to take the steps required to make sure that the NEXT JOB will fit more comfortably into one’s LIFE! The question is: based on your existing skills set, will your new job search objective be REALISTIC in today’s employment market? An experienced career coach will be glad to give you an objective third party opinion in that regard.

Résumé Writing

The job market is competitive and attention spans in busy offices are generally extremely short! Unfortunately, and irrespective of ones qualifications and experience, it’s often very difficult to get the attention one deserves.

The fact is, most résumés received by employers and recruiters are never ever read – let alone short listed to offer the applicant an interview. Knowing how to attract the attention of the important decision-makers for your function and career level is therefore absolutely vital when approaching total strangers.

First; review our extensive database of examples that pass the ‘SEVEN SECOND ATTENTION TEST’ and copy and paste any ideas that you think will be helpful incorporated into your own résumé. Then complete our simple online Résumé Builder and hit the “Submit’ button when you’ve finished. (Just fill in the forms as they appear on your screen.)

One of our Résumé Writing Specialists will review your template, make objective suggestions, edit your work as necessary and return a well formatted draft document for you to review. The editing process will continue by email and phone until you are both confident that the final résumé is ready for marketing.

Interview Preparation

Ultimately your success will depend upon the positive result of your job interview and the key to that is obviously to beprepared before the event. This in-depth module shares insights about how to recognize the different types of interviewers you will encounter – and their respective expectations.

It explains how to anticipate and prepare for technical discussions, and be ready for the more searching issues like salary negotiations; and questions such as, “Why did you leave your last employer?” and “Where do you want to be five years from now?” Remember: “Strangers do not believe or dis-believe us – they simply WONDER if we’re telling the truth”.

Your Personal Career Coach is available to help you prepare and fine tune your answers to the questions that are most likely to cause you difficulties. Communications will be by email, phone and/or Skype. Get ‘combat ready’ BEFORE the event! FEE:

Market Research

If you need help to find the names of suitable employers and recruiting firms for your career level and skills set, purchasing this module enables us to conduct the research required to develop a list of those organizations.

The important thing is for you to know the NAMES of the right type of employers and recruiting firms for you to approach. Once you have a company name – a quick Google search makes the rest easy for you to find. Lists are developed by type of organization, size of organization, industry sector and geographical area.

Service offered in Canada and USA only. Note: If we find that we cannot generate a suitable list for you your payment will be refunded in full.