Your people are essentially your company’s product or service, and your product or service does not exist without the expertise, creativity, passion and engagement of your people.

People are complex with many layers, they come to work and bring the emotions of their experiences, beliefs, mindsets and with their own personal needs and drivers dictating behaviour in the subconscious.

There are hundreds of personality tests that help us to understand the different ways in which people’s behaviors show upand how to work effectively with them.  These are of course, very valuable.   However, if we truly want to get our people to work more productively, to be more engaged and self-aware, we have to get to the core of what drives their decisions, behaviours and what motivates them, or de-motivates them.

High performance coaching is becoming much more popular in the corporate world, in fact a lot of organizations are hiring Performance Coaches on a full-time basis. Leaders are recognizing the need to retrain thought patterns to help create sustainable change resulting in fully invested employees in the missions and visions of the organization.  Many organizations announce their vision at a great unveiling, – and then expect their people to automatically attach themselves to it and get back to work.  However, many won’t really understand the vision, others won’t know what they are expected to do with it, so it ends up just being business as usual. This creates a huge gap in vision execution one of the biggest problems organizations face today.

Each employee’s perspective can be valuable because the way we see things can breed creativity, which is essential to a company’s ability to stay relevant.  But when personal emotions, mindsets and ‘limiting beliefs’ taint those perspectives; we can create personal and interpersonal conflict in the workplace, a lack of resourcefulness and a lack of confidence in our people – a recipe for disaster if you are counting on them to fully execute the corporate vision.  Employees need to have a clear understanding of how they personally contribute to that vision.

Leaders are often being trained to coach their employees, and while the concept can be effective in aligning corporate vision with daily work, it generally fails to create sustainable, long term change.  This is because it doesn’t address the underlying personal reasons for the lack of adherence to company vision and therefore, one’s overall performance at work.

The reason why sustainable change cannot be reach using this method is generally because employees are reluctant to open up to management regarding their personal perspectives and mindsets.  These can be the result of very intimate experiences like divorces, custody battles and even childhood traumas that have finally become too much to bear and bubble to the surface.  This then, affects overall productivity and alignment with corporate goals – not to mention their lives at home.

Coaching employees to increase productivity without addressing the root cause is simply a band-aid solution and will fail to create sustainable results. Employees, of all levels, are human beings and human beings have complex emotions; emotions that are, for all human beings the driversof all of our decision-making.

If we want motivated, positive, happy and engaged employees, then they first need to discover the ‘whys’ behind their current negative behaviours like failing to produce at work, failing to connect with co-workers and struggling to get out of bed each morning.

Our brains are fairly primitive by nature, and if our basic needs of certainty, love, significance and variety (see ‘Six Human Needs’) are not met then growth and contribution to our companies, is not even close to a priority.  Employees need to feel empowered in their lives in order to create real change, and to let go of feeling as if life is happening tothem and take control.

High performance coaching provides this by increasing self-awareness, building emotional intelligence, increasing confidence, creating clarity, and cultivating motivation.  We do this by re-training thought patterns in the brain, through daily homework, tools, and strategies that get fast results for those who are committed.

I have worked with countless employees that have changed every area of their life through our high performance coaching techniques.  A domino affect takes place – because if one area of life is suffering then slowly they all start to become impacted.

It’s essential that we look at the whole person, examining all areas of their life so that nothing is missed and so that there is permanent, sustainable change.

As employers, if we can see value in a troubled employee, the investment in high performance coaching of this nature is quite insignificant because the results will eliminate the need for other costly potential action to correct the situation – and he or she will begin to truly show upmore motivated, passionate and ready to contribute to the overall vision and goal of the company. Your people after-all, are the corporate heart-beat.

Carlayne Gilbertson CSIC, CAPC, Program Director, Lead Performance Coach