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Your source for private, professional career transition help. 

We offer the following services to the general public because over the years, countless corporate sponsored candidates have asked ask CMS to help their friends and relatives with their career transitions and job searches.

Using the same techniques and resources as our corporate outplacement services, we can provide individuals with support to confirm career direction through formal career assessment and consultation, professional résumé writing and personalized career transition coaching.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please read the details below and contact us directly at



Formal Career Assessment & Consultation

If you are in a position where you are not sure of the way forward in your career, this service may be just what you need.  Utilizing the world’s most respected career assessment tool, the Strong Interest Inventory®, we can help you to confirm your direction or explore new ones.  

The goal is to determine a realistic career direction based on your inherent interests, existing career history and the current job market.

Included in this service is the 20 page career assessment report and an hour consultation with a certified Strong Interest Inventory® administrator, via phone or video conference.

Email us to start a conversation about how we can help.  Please click here to see a sample of the career assessment report.



Professional Résumé Writing

The job market is competitive and attention spans are generally short.  Getting the attention of a busy, prospective employer is the key to your success.  You may have the experience and qualifications that make you the ideal candidate, but if that is not effectively communicated in the form of a résumé, your job search efforts will be wasted.

The fact is, most résumés received by employers and recruiters are never read – let alone short listed.  Knowing how to attract the attention of the important decision-makers for your function and career level is absolutely vital to your success.

A CMS résumé writer will work with you to develop an effective, professional résumé document that will garner the attention that your career history, skills-set and education deserve.  

Included in this service is access to our online, comprehensive Résumé Writing program which includes an extensive database of examples and ideas, résumé writing exercises and sample covering letters. Email us to start a conversation about how we can help.



Personal Career Transition Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to talk things through with.  Looking for new work can be lonely and feel overwhelming.  Having a third party to call on, to bounce ideas off of can make all the difference in maintaining your focus on your career goal.

Whether you need help to develop an answer to an anticipated, tricky interview question, advice on how to manage a salary negotiation, help with a specific job applications or help in refreshing your mindset and confidence during your search, one of our experienced coaches will be pleased to support you. Email us to start a conversation about how we can help.




DIY Career Transition Program Access

Follow our DIY proven, online program to accelerate your own career transition.  Use the same resources that our corporate sponsored job search candidates use to develop your focus and implement the practical, step-by-step strategies, tools, and resources to land your next job – sooner.  Inquire here about how you can gain access to this professional, self-paced, self-managed, online career transition program. 




Let’s Work Together!

Using the same techniques as used in our corporate outplacement programs, let’s work to confirm your career direction, write an effective résumé and properly prepare you for interviews so that you can confidently put your best foot forward and create as many opportunities as possible!

Contact us and let’s get started today!



Recent Testimonials from Private Clients:


 “I gave your contact info to a few people in my network as I’ve been raving about you! Honestly, résumé writing has been such a stress and the ‘block’ from me taking the next step in my career – and now, I feel more equipped and empowered thanks to you!” – N.K.


” Good news – I got my offer letter this morning!!!  Thank you again for all the help. I was pretty disappointed to lose my position during COVID, and given how the pandemic is affecting my industry, I didn’t really have a great deal of confidence that my unemployment would be short-lived. Your knowledge, experience and patience allowed me to create a solid resume of which I can be proud. Having that went a long way in helping me squelch those nagging inner voices that run the risk of getting in the way and making the process slow and more frustrating than necessary.

Dare I say, working with you in reflecting on and documenting my past accomplishments has been a pleasure and will certainly benefit me in my new position.” – MM