When your business is forced to make decisions that negatively affect the lives of individuals, it can be stressful, uncomfortable and it generally feels awful.  This is true whether you have to replace one employee because of a bad fit or lack of skills required for progressive change within the department or organization in general or, if you must implement multiple departures simultaneously due to unfortunate financial circumstances that the company is experiencing or anticipating.

Either way, letting people go is difficult.

As an outplacement company who has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of job seekers across Canada since 1981, CMS knows all too well the stresses involved for the human resources teams, the direct managers and the individuals who must leave the company.  The day one delivers a termination letter is not one that is easily forgettable, for anyone involved.  However, it may bring comfort to know how an outplacement service like CMS’s, can help your former employees once the bad news has been delivered and accepted.

  1. Providing personal support to overcome difficult news.

When your former employee is offered our outplacement service, we generally find that person to be very open and receptive to our help.  Working one-on-one with new job seekers is imperative, as we must help them to effectively reflect on their individual past experiences and attitudes, to help them find success in the future.  Our qualified coaches work with our candidates (job seekers) to uncover and understand their individual past conditionings, how those conditioned beliefs impact their behaviours, the way they work and the way they see the world in general.  Our coaches help people to identify and change limiting beliefs and empower themselves to become who they envision themselves to be.  By providing tools and strategies to practice daily, we help to create new mental habits, and therefore sustainable change in how one works, and in their lives in general.  

For those new candidates that come to our service that are more hesitate, resistant and skeptical, our job can be a little more challenging!  However, our qualified program coaches are experts in developing the required rapport and trust, so that we can effectively implement our proven performance and career coaching tools and techniques.  Once our candidates realize that we are committed to supporting them, they become open to first, how we can help them to address how they are responding to being terminated, and second, to how they can alter their mindsets, setting themselves up for future success.

2. Developing enthusiasm for the future. 

It is natural to feel a sense of fear and despair when one’s job has been terminated.  The fear of the unknown is unsettling for anyone – especially when existing financial and family commitments may be compromised.  However, with the help of a personal coach, these fears can turn into excitement and enthusiasm for new opportunity.  

Often, when one has worked in a particular role or industry for many years, it can become so routine that changing direction doesn’t even come into one’s peripheral vision – even if the current role is no longer enjoyable or fulfilling.   Through discussion with a personal coach, formal career assessment, personal reflection and goal setting, we can help one to find new zest for the future of their career.  This may mean:

  • Exploring careers that have always been a natural interest but were never pursued earlier in life.
  • Exploring educational upgrade options. 
  • Exploring a change in the industry one works within and therefore the environment – which includes working with more like-minded people (this can make a huge difference to one’s daily happiness at work).
  • Exploring entrepreneurial endeavours or contract work options.
  • Confirming that a similar role and company is the right next step, or 
  • Exploring the pursuit of a higher-level, more challenging and higher paying role.

Whatever the outcome, the exercise of working with a personal coach to review and reflect on one’s existing background, personal situation and goals, plus formal career assessment results to develop realistic plans for the next step in one’s career, provides confidence and optimism for the future.

3. Maintaining motivation and staying the course.

Once our candidate and our program coach have decided on a plan and have developed a strategy to get there, time ultimately passes.  Résumés and cover letters are written, edited and re-edited, company and recruiter lists are developed for marketing purposes, and interview preparation gets underway.  

If one is left on their own, without the intervention of an invested program coach, it is easy to lose focus, clarity and momentum.  Having access to a personal program coach at CMS means that the job search plan is kept on track and organized.  It means that plans are followed through on and results are monitored. It means that the candidate maintains his or her confidence in their direction and remains motivated.  When insecurities creep in, the program coach is there to squash them!

The program coach is also a reliable source in providing an objective view of the candidate’s situation, which can sometimes be skewed by well-intentioned, worried family members and friends.  This includes re-affirming what our goals are and why they are important, how and why we are implementing marketing efforts to a specific job market the way we are, how we may tweak our approach to get better results, how best to impress and communicate effectively with interviewers etc., etc.. 

Having a consistent and reliable sounding board to help one stay the course during an unsettling time can often make or break one’s job search success.

4. Implementing proven and practical tools and techniques.

In addition to the personalized support detailed above, the guts of the CMS outplacement program are in the proven, methodical process of finding new and satisfying work.  

Candidate access to our up-to-date and comprehensive online program materials is supported by the personal program coach assigned to him or her.  Our practical approach to finding new jobs includes:

  • Understanding the importance of personal goal setting.
  • Personal goal setting exercises to establish the most realistic job search objective in the current market and at this point in the job seekers career
  • Formal career assessment with a 20-page written report and consultation.
  • Access to a Résumé Writing Specialist to develop professional self-marketing documents.
  • Development of a LinkedIn profile plus all aspects of social media marketing support
  • In-depth interview preparation and debriefing
  • Market research and the implementation of a carefully targeted résumé marketing campaign to suitable employers and recruiting firms in the job seekers marketplace.
  • Help to customize résumés and cover letters for advertised openings etc.
  • Advice in-regards to executive search firms, recruitment agencies, using reference letters, networking, obtaining testimonials & handling offer negotiations etc.
  • Access to our interactive website for the latest CMS program materials and instructions
  • Plus, financial counselling by an independent Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP)

The combination of the above 4 benefits of outplacement can turn what starts off as an unfortunate and stressful event, into a positive, progressive and life changing step in the life of your former employee.  It is our experience that, even though it may not feel like it to anyone involved in the initial termination process, everyone that joins and actively participates the CMS outplacement program, no matter their level, industry or occupation will ‘land of their feet’ and breathe new life into their careers and lives in general.