Acknowledging that your employees deserve outplacement support in the event of separation is just the first step in becoming a beloved workplace. While a comfy salary and unlimited paid-time-off (PTO) policy certainly help, nothing says you’re committed to your people more than offering them a full-service outplacement program. With an uncertain economy and declining average tenure rates, both employers and employees understand that not all relationships stand the test of time. Demonstrating your commitment to their success, no matter where they work, is essential for becoming a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

While CMS offers a wide range of services and customizable options, full-service outplacement programs provide the most complete care and help separated employees find new jobs faster. Additionally, a qualified, personal program coach will be assigned to each employee so you can trust the program is being followed for maximum results. Below, we’ll look at the 9 components of our outplacement program and how each one plays an important role in the job search.

Personal Goal Setting
We have all heard the saying, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” While certainly true and definitely memorable, Lao Tsu left out one very important detail. Without a goal in mind, you might end up a thousand miles in the wrong direction! Our career coach will work with each individual to set realistic and attainable job search goals that fit with the current market and individual’s level of experience.

Formal Career Assessment
Occasionally, the value we THINK we’re bringing to the workplace and what is actually being delivered may not exactly line up. When setting goals, the key is to set realistic and attainable goals. Our certified practitioners will prepare a 20-page career assessment to ensure our journey is set in the right direction. Without this, job seekers could lose valuable time pursuing opportunities that are either out of reach or potentially below what they’re capable of!

Professional Resume Writing
With over 40 years of experience and 30,000+ outplacement services delivered, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a resume or two. In fact, our full-service outplacement programs give users access to our database full of examples. A strong resume is like a roadmap to success helping to provide guidance where necessary.

Social Media Marketing
Now that the destination has been set, checked for accuracy and the route has been chosen, it’s time to set off. However, a long journey will often be filled with the unexpected. Even stopping to refuel is an opportunity to ask about favourite coffee shops or cafes. While the resume is one of the most important components of a job search, social media offers the same human touch, something top job search websites just don’t have. Our experts will help design and set-up a competitive LinkedIn profile, which is often the best way to reach a dream employer. There’s a reason so many companies offer referral bonuses—it’s like Yelp for getting a job!

In-depth Interview Preparation
The day has finally arrived for the big interview. Days, weeks, and even months have led up to landing an interview with the perfect employer. Between identifying the right opportunities, crafting the perfect resume and earning a referral through a robust LinkedIn network, it may be tempting to let up a bit but there’s still plenty of work to be done. Our experts help candidates ace interviews through emotional intelligence training and difficult question preparation. Are we there yet?

Resume Marketing Campaign
Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet, though we’re getting close. We would love for every job search to be quick and easy, but the reality is, even the most prepared candidates miss out on dream jobs occasionally. When hit with a detour or flat tire, you wouldn’t just turn around and head home. CMS career coaches don’t either. Implementing a resume marketing campaign helps job seekers identify new opportunities by developing comprehensive lists of suitable potential employers, career sites and recruiting firms.

24/7 Online Access
In addition to all the one-on-one services included in the full-service outplacement program, job seekers can access our state-of-the-art, copyrighted Career Management System as often as they like. In addition to the resume database, they’ll find exercises in goal setting, resume writing, interview practice, and general job search tips. Sometimes getting back on track requires a few minor tweaks, or maybe the initial destination isn’t exactly where we want to end up. In that case, some expert advice may be required.

Proactive Personal Coaching
The global pandemic has started many people rethinking where they work, how they work, and even why they work. What originally started as a simple trip from point A to B, might now be a little more complex. Industry changes, career changes, and even location changes can disrupt the initial job search. When needed, CMS provides personalized coaching to help clients with some of the more delicate matters. These include life coaching matters, coping with the psychological effects of job loss and how it affects family members, developing customized resumes, letters and marketing campaigns, developing strategies to obtain reference letters, and managing sensitive salary negotiations.

Personal Financial Counselling
It’s been quite a journey but it’s not quite over yet. Despite being the last component of our full-service outplacement program, the first concern people experience when separated from a job is how to replace their income. At CMS, we recognize the importance of this concern and our CFP professionals are able to provide compassionate support to people during difficult times.

The full-service outplacement program provided by CMS involves all aspects of the job search. From day-one emotional support and goal setting to interview preparation for that dream job and everything in between, our experts provide all the tools to help your people during difficult times. All that’s needed is a positive outlook, a will to succeed, and maybe a good road trip playlist.