Formal Career Assessment - for Students

Objective and practical guidance for crucial career decision making. 

The global pandemic has given pause to many students and their future career ambitions. But that pause can also provide opportunity to strategically explore just where they will best fit in the future world of work, and how best to get there. Thoughtful planning and consideration go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes when it comes to choosing expensive post-secondary programs.

Using the worlds most widely used and respected career assessment tool, The Strong Interest Inventory®, we help to identity post-secondary courses and career options and help students to discover where they may best fit in the world of work.  

Through a private telephone or video meeting, we discuss the results of the assessment where students thoughts and ideas are considered, in conjunction with the assessment and the experience that we bring from coaching job seekers from all industries and professions.

The goal is to determine realistic career options based on inherent interests to help to pin-point specific post-secondary programs as a pathway to a pre-determined career goal where one be both successful and happy longterm.

How exciting is that?!


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