Financial Counselling

Independent Financial Counselling Support included in all Full Service Outplacement Programs.

Financial counselling by an independent Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP) is provided to ALL those enrolled in one of our Full Service Outplacement programs.

When ones career is in flux, most people immediately start to worry about their personal financial position. Unfortunately, some don’t have a trusted financial advisor who they can call on for advice in times of change – or sometimes they just want a second opinion. Our CFP can help ease this financial worry so that our job seekers can concentrate on the task at hand, ie. taking the next step in their career.

Our CFP can also provide Personal Finance Workshops and personal comprehensive financial planning programs for individual employees if needed. Workshop topics range from ‘Health & Wealth’, ‘Budgeting’, and ‘Investing’, among others.

How can we help to support you?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.