Support for Sensitive Meetings

Telling one that their job has been eliminated, is no easy task.

No matter how many times you do it over the course of your career, having third party support to help ease the tension and act as a sounding board can make all the difference on a difficult day.

CMS provides onsite or remote employment termination meeting assistance to our HR clients countrywide.  Working with direct managers and HR representatives, CMS counsellors and coaches help to determine the best, most compassionate approach for the employees exit from the organization. During preliminary planning, points for discussion may include; pertinent background information about the employee and the reasons for dismissal, the best approach to retrieving the employees personal belongings, the collection of company property including the retrieval of sensitive passwords, security passes and credit cards etc., helping the employee to calmly leave the office and making arrangements for a taxi if required ensuring the employee gets home safely.

All CMS representatives are experienced in this work and are fully prepared to coach HR staff members and line managers in the process if they have last minute worries about the meeting and delivering the message.  

Once the termination meeting has been completed we always reach out to affected employee(s) the day after the termination has taken place.  Our objective is to find out if they are coping sufficiently well with the news and to develop an initial plan of action for their career counselling program and job search.  

Please contact us to learn more about how we can support you and your employees during a sensitive meeting.

How can we help to support you?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.