At CMS, our full-service outplacement programs are designed from a holistic perspective.  This means that they include practical, modern job search tools, personal coaching from qualified professionals, and impartial financial counselling assistance.

When one’s career is in flux, most people immediately start to worry about their personal financial position. They worry about finding a new job, replacing their incomes, and the affects their unemployment will have on their immediate family.  Depending on one’s personal situation, job loss just may add to existing stresses – which can start to take a toll on one’s health. This is in addition to worries about how to manage their current financial position, including severance payments.

The full-service outplacement programs at CMS have been designed around all of these concerns.  They include access to a comprehensive, online career management tool which includes interactive exercises in-regards to personal goal setting, resume writing and interview preparation.  Job seekers have access to formal career assessment tools to confirm the next step in their careers, as well as hundreds of resume writing examples to aid in the creation of their CVs. This complete array of program components is complimented by the guidance of a personal career/performance coach who works with each job seeker on a one on one basis, proactively, for the duration of their programs.  

CMS program coaches are qualified individuals who not only work with our job seekers through the practicalities of a job search, but also to help them move forward from a psychological perspective.  Change and mind set management are keys to the success of our job seekers.

Unfortunately, some job seekers don’t have a trusted financial advisor who they can call on for advice in times of change – or they feel the need for a second opinion.  To help ease this worry, all of our programs include personal financial counselling by an independent Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Professional.  To us, it is of grave importance that the financial advice our candidates receive is from an independent professional, ensuring that impartial advice is provided and not that from one institution or another.

At CMS we pride ourselves on providing truly meaningful and personal help for every job seeker, no matter their level – Help that is not based on a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, which may be seen as practical by some of our competitors.  Our concept of outplacement addresses all the areas of one’s individual situation affected by job loss. Providing a holistic approach to outplacement support is imperative, in our view, to ensure a successful outcome.

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