With each passing year, influence of digital technology continues to grow in our lives. HR is no exception. Digital technologies are set to radically transform HR as we know it. According to , over $2 Billion was invested in the HR technology industry in 2015, giving a sense of the remarkable transform that will in this industry. If you want to become the HR practitioner of the future, developing and implementing HR digital strategy is essential.

The scope and scale of this digital transformation might seem overwhelming, so it’s important to break down what steps you can take to get ahead of the curve in the short term. To help with your HR digital strategy, here are 4 areas you should be focusing on:

Replace Dated Technology

One of the first items on your to-do list for a HR digital strategy is to replace dated technologies. You can’t experience the full benefits of this digital revolution without giving yourself the means to do so.

Consider replacing your traditional licensed HR software with one that is cloud-based. This will allow employees to access crucial HR information from anywhere, even on their mobile devices. Indeed, 40% of companies are replacing or planning to move to a cloud based HR system and for good reason.

In addition, company training and onboarding is also away from traditional processes. Consider moving your bulky training manual online and make it searchable with easy to digest information. Spending hours in front of a computer to complete mandated company training is also being revisited, with HR professionals realizing that providing employees with more digestible information when they need it is the best way forward for training.

Hire the Next Generation of HR Professionals

If you want to go digital for your HR strategy, it can be a good idea to hire someone that can help support your digital transformation. Young, innovative HR professionals are ready to bring a fresh perspective to the field and leverage digital technologies to have the greatest impact in your organization, whether it’s becoming masters in the next generation of software, analyzing data collected from new software or experimenting with new ideas.

Embrace Data-Driven Decision Making

Analytics has been slow to enter HR, but it seems ready to finally have a big impact. With companies collecting more information on their employees than ever, those who are able to understand the data and use it to their advantage will benefit the most. Those ahead of the curve have already begun using data to improve the work environment, drive better performance and improve employee wellness, just to name a few examples.

Transform Corporate Learning

Digital is transforming education and corporate learning should join the trend. People can now access the information they want anywhere on the web and in video. New tools are entering the market to facilitate e-learning. Your employees want to learn to get better at their jobs and grow in their careers and it is your responsibility as an HR professional to support this.

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