Our Mission

The goal at CMS is to provide you with responsive, professional and personal HR support nationwide – support that you can rely on to be consistent and meaningful.  We have priced our range of programs so that they can be offered to anyone, irrespective of his or her function, income or career level.  

The moment an employee is told their services are no longer required, their mind immediately turns to the problem of replacing their income.  For most people, having to navigate today’s fast moving job market by themselves is a lonely and frustrating prospect.  To that end, the goal of our outplacement programs is to provide meaningful, practical and personal assistance to keep ones time between jobs to the minimum.   The professionalism and the innate compassion of our qualified, experienced team sets us apart – and our practical tools and resources make all the difference in the success of ones search.

Ultimately, at CMS we are in the ‘helping business’ and every member of our team feels personally responsible for the work we do for our candidates and the HR Managers who introduce them to us.

At CMS, we are all fully aware that our candidates’ success is also our success and reputation. To that end, we do not lock our corporate clients into annual contracts. To us, every job you give us is ‘the first job’ – and we make absolutely sure that you will always be happy to give us the next one!

“CMS provides the perfect blend of professional, compassionate & personal HR support to our team and our outgoing employees ”

Human Resources Director




  • Personal and financial support; by qualified program coaches and CFP professionals, for all job seekers, regardless of their job level.
  • World renown assessment tools, proven career marketing methods, (including the provision of useful lists of prospective employers for résumé marketing purposes), in addition to meaningful career coaching and practical job search tools for all job seekers.
  • 24/7 on-line access to comprehensive program materials which are continually updated to match the fast-paced technological advancements of today’s job market.
  • Specialization in the Canadian job market.


  • CMS coaches are qualified in Life, Strategic Intervention, High Performance, or Career Coaching and Human Resources.
  • Personalized approach to job searching (no cookie cutters), for long term individual success.
  • Strategic and compassionate partners during an often stressful and unpredictable time for their families.
  • Acceptance and change management coaching to help job seekers develop the optimism and confidence to move forward.


  • Our company has been built on the belief that everyone, no matter their level, deserves job search help. Therefore, our business model demands low overhead in order to provide fair prices that most companies are happy to afford.
  • HR clients receive a high-level Employee Progress Report each month, so that they can be confident that programs are being utilized and dollars are being well spent; all while protecting the privacy of our job seekers.

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