Making changes in your organization is never easy when it involves reducing staff.  Your employees are probably like family to you and helping them through a drastic change like job loss, is obviously your first consideration.  However, here are some other reasons why you may consider asking for outside help during difficult times:

Reduce the Discomfort

Having an impartial and experienced counsellor onsite to meet with the employee immediately after the news has been delivered, often diffuses very anxious moments.  This not only makes it easier on the employee but on you too – we work with you compassionately and professionally, to develop a plan prior to, during and after the meeting.

Maintain Your Reputation

Simply by being seen to provide practical assistance to your former employees says a great deal about you and your company in the community and also to your existing employees.  It makes them feel more positive and secure during an unsettling time, maintains their loyalty and their productivity.

Defend Your Company

Offering career transition services to former employees helps them to mitigate their damages caused from job loss.  It also reduces the chances of you hearing from their legal counsel.  If legal action is brought against you, you can always point to the provision of professional job search assistance to help in your defense.

Who We Are and What We Do

CMS is a boutique-style career transition firm that has been offering bilingual outplacement services across Canada since 1981.  We are a 100% Canadian, privately owned and operated company.

We have worked with over 500 organizations of all sizes and from all industries, in both the private and public sectors – and we have delivered approximately 20,000 job search programs to their former employees.

Our full-service outplacement services include:

  • onsite support at the termination interview (optional).
  • career, personal and financial coaching for the duration of the program.
  • formal career assessment & personal goal setting.
  • résumé and Linkedin profile writing.
    • in-depth interview preparation
    • access to our comprehensive, online career management system.
  • practical job search assistance including:
    • cover letter writing
    • market research
    • hands-on assistance to navigate the job market using social media, targeted recruiting firms, career sites etc. 

All delivered on a one-on-one, personal basis for the duration of the program you select for your former employee. Full-service program options start at $1,500 for 6 weeks of pro-active support. 

Let us help you – to help them

At CMS, we pride ourselves in providing responsive, personable and professional support when you need to address a difficult situation with an employee.  If you would like an objective opinion on the best path forward, please connect with us for a complimentary consultation.

Providing your employees with professional job search help is the best way to mitigate damages for all parties concerned. 

The moment an employee is told his or her services are no longer required, their minds immediately turn to the problem of finding a new job and replacing their income. 

For most people, the prospect of having to navigate today’s fast-moving job market by themselves is a daunting and time-consuming prospect.  To that end, the goal of our outplacement program is to provide meaningful assistance to reduce one’s time between jobs to the minimum.

Give 416.960.9845 a call for a no-obligation consultation about how we can help a stressful situation.