Working-at-Home requires focus, diligence and the ability to manage distractions while maintaining expected outcomes.
During these unprecedented times, the way we work has changed. And may have changed forever.  Helping our teams to perform their best while managing new routines, lack of motivation, distractions at home and the stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is paramount to maintaining the success of our businesses.  

The certified High Performance Coaches at CMS are brain trainers, and success psychology trainers. They use a science-based coaching process that is designed to drive an employee’s overall performance to the next level – which can be especially important during times of uncertainty. 
The objective of our customized High Performance Coaching programs, is to help employees successfully navigate through stressful personal and professional situations, building confidence and resilience to continue achieving the amazing results they have built their careers on.
We build self-awareness and emotional intelligence to:
-Understand our individual conditioning and how it impacts who we become, our behaviours, and the way we see the world.
-Understand why our emotions are a driver for everything we do.
-Build awareness around how others behave, and how to manage it.
-Learn how our own experiences & beliefs affect how we react in conflict/difficult situations.
-Create a clear plan that allows employees to feel empowered about who they want to be during conflicts/difficult situations.
-Identify the limiting beliefs that are not serving us to obtain desired results.  
-Bring our ‘whole self’ to work (even though we may not physically be there!) and encourage co-workers to do the same.
-Empower employees to feel emotionally connected to the goals of the team so they stay loyal, committed and motivated.
-Learn self-acceptance & acceptance of others’ unique perspectives through a deeper understanding of self.
-Understand State Management and how to use it to change our feelings and influence others.
-Implement daily strategies and tools to create new habits and sustainable change – not just for work, but in every area of ones life.
If you think that CMS’ High Performance Coaching could benefit the overall wellness of your team members during these stressful times, please contact either Carlayne or I and we will be pleased to customize a group or individualized program based on desired outcomes.
Wishing you good health,

Louise Hack
416.960.9845 ext.2977
Carlayne Gilbertson
Lead Performance Coach
416.960.9845 ext.3004