Sometimes its hard to believe that we will get ‘life’ figured out. That we will find where we ‘belong’. Sometimes these feelings can be so overwhelming that they are paralyzing and we find it difficult to move forward even an inch. Feeling like this can make us feel unworthy, unwanted, unable. It can make us retreat into our own minds where the feelings can take on a life of their own. Please believe that you that you are not alone.. we all feel this way from one time to another… even as we grow older. I have also learned (the hard way), that what you must aim for is PROGRESS – NOT PERFECTION.  We live in a world that promotes perfection as the end game… the perfect complexion, the perfect body, the perfect partner, the perfect house, the perfect job, etc… Dont get me wrong, it is imperative to have goals but it is also imperative to make them realistic for the place in life we are now. One generally cant go from high school student to university student to making a million dollars a year! You can have a goal to make that kind of salary, but you must be realistic and understand that you must reach for it one level at a time.  Setting realistic goals means that your immediate goals are obtainable, and reaching them gives you the confidence you need to strive for the next one. Skipping the stepping stones to our ultimate goal will back fire on you and it can be a scary place when you start to feel unaccomplished, lost and misguided.  Sometimes however, its a place we need to be before we can find the ‘right’ path. And thats OK, its all about personal growth. Everything we learn in life makes us who we are today, and we take those lessons, no matter how painful, forward with us on this always evolving journey we call ‘life’.