Help to Re-define Career Direction.

I read an article recently about the challenges small business owners and their staff have been facing due to the economic implications of the pandemic.  As a business owner myself it touched my heart, and I wondered how we at CMS could help our fellow Canadians who’s careers have been left in flux. 

Of course, when a family’s income has been impacted, shelling out thousands of dollars for outside career help isn’t realistic – which is why I am offering the following special program which has been designed to help one confirm a career direction and to subsequently focus that direction in the form of a professionally written résumé.

After losing a job, or losing a cherished small business, one can often be left feeling depressed, isolated and worried about how they will support their families into the future.  Not knowing where to start at a time like this can be very overwhelming, but it can also provide a window of opportunity to redefine themselves and their futures!  

At CMS, we know where to start! Through the use of the Strong Interest Inventory® (the world’s most recognized career assessment tool) and a personal, in-depth consultation with a certified administrator at CMS, we can help to confirm and re-focus career direction, instilling confidence and optimism for the next stage of ones career.  

Once a general direction has been established, the next logical step is to determine a realistic way to reach that goal using the existing career history and skills that one has developed to date. That can often be the challenge!  With the help of a CMS résumé writer, we will develop a document that, as far as possible, implements the goal established by the career assessment in conjunction with the individuals career history and a realistic look at the target market.  The goal is to help find one find a new role that is personally fulfilling, long term. 

This combination program has been designed to provide meaningful help to your valued staff and is available to any family member of your organizations team (or any member of your team for that matter) for a very special price.

Please contact me directly for specific details.



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