Testimonials from our Job Seekers

I gave your contact info to a few people in my network as I’ve been raving about you! Honestly, résumé writing has been such a stress and the ‘block’ from me taking the next step in my career – and now, I feel more equipped and empowered thanks to you!”

– N.K., Toronto, ON

Good news – I got my offer letter this morning!!!  Thank you again for all the help. I was pretty disappointed to lose my position during COVID, and given how the pandemic is affecting my industry, I didn’t really have a great deal of confidence that my unemployment would be short-lived. Your knowledge, experience and patience allowed me to create a solid resume of which I can be proud. Having that went a long way in helping me squelch those nagging inner voices that run the risk of getting in the way and making the process slow and more frustrating than necessary.

Dare I say, working with you in reflecting on and documenting my past accomplishments has been a pleasure and will certainly benefit me in my new position.

– M.M., Toronto, ON

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me in the past couple of months. You were very helpful by responding to all the questions I asked by responding in a very professionally manner and allowing me to understand easily. 

-T.S., Toronto, ON

Just a quick note to send my testimonial on the critical role Daphna played in finding my new job. Not only she was extremely generous with her time spent on the phone, and her organizing skills to work on a mail out campaign for example, but her genuine and positive spirit allowed her to truly challenge me in very constructive ways which enabled me to overcome the false image I had of my professional abilities, and of myself in general; she also guided me to believe in my own worth, which consequently provided the confidence an employer would look for. 

Her patience and dedication are also beyond what I have rarely experienced, even with some close friends…and I am truly convinced that the job I have been offered was acquired through actual team work with Daphna.

Thank you for your incredible support, and much success to you and your outstanding team.

-C.G., Barrie, ON

I have read through all aspects of the CMS website and found it very helpful in all areas and have made notes to refer to in future.  Thanks again for your assistance.

– F.P., St. John’s, NF

I cannot thank you enough, for all of your help and support.

– G.S., Barrie, ON

I would like to recommend CMS for their resume writing skills. They was very helpful in bringing to life how I wanted to represent myself however did not have the right words. They were quick with understanding my needs and what I was wanting to attract with my resume! They took my resume to the next level in professionalism! Thank you so much for making this a great experience and that I am able to walk away with a fantastic looking resume that I am very proud of! 

– J.A., Vancouver, BC

There are times when your work feels complete and flawless, but could use a fresh set of eyes for improvement. Alan has provided me with that service. Working with Alan was a pleasure as he assessed my situation and gave insight with his expertise. His friendly, yet assertive demeanour instilled confidence in me to revise my resume as per his suggestion. I was impressed with the changes he made, as well as the professionalism that he demonstrated.

– R.P., Waterloo, ON

I lost my one and only job of 22 years. The only place I had ever worked. I was scared. I had never had to look for a job before. All this at 41 years of age. CMS was there to help me with everything. They helped to put together an excellent resume and cover letter. They gave advice on how to look for a job, how to network with my peers and strangers. Most importantly CMS took me “out of the box”. They gave me a no fear attitude and it was hard but they stood by all the steps…the failed interviews..the companies that don’t call back. They kept me motivated even when I just wanted to curl up and sleep all day. Thanks to the no fear attitude I landed a great job and relocated to the Caribbean from Toronto. I couldn’t have got here alone so thank you CMS!

-J.D., Edmonton, AB

I had the pleasure of working with CMS on developing my resume and cover letters for different areas of business. All were a pleasure to deal with and seemed to understand what was required to enhance my documents to a level of perfection. When I needed their help they were always available to talk and work through the processes with me. They offered other suggestions that may help in opening up different avenues for business opportunities. I found CMS not only a great help in wording and plat forming my business documents to the point of being very professional and eye appealing, but they also offered words of advise and seemed to work with an open door policy to help me succeed in what I wanted to accomplish. I found them to really care about my personal outcome. Their professionalism and supportive ear is a rare commodity to find in todays business climate. 

CMS  took the time to understand what I wanted and needed to succeed. Without a doubt I would recommend CMS to help enhance your business documents, and guide you to successful results!!

– C.E., Vancouver, BC

I have found the step by step services provided by CMS very rewarding. It provided me good directions and resources on my career search. One Door Close and Another Door opens. You are certainly one of my keys to open another door.

– F.A., Calgary, AB

Your assistance has been invaluable. Résumé writing has certainly changed in 21 years. Without your assistance I would have been lost and not as successful in my job search.

– H.H., Toronto, ON

It is a pleasure to work with both of my CMS contacts so far, as I am astonished by the quality of support they generously provide.  Thank you immensely,

 – C.G., Barrie, ON

Being in IT for so long, and recommending ideas to fellow users, it’s almost like I’ve forgotten my own needs over the years. The new format looks great and your firm certainly have an upper hand on needs of potential employers. Looking forward to working with you further….  Very appreciative.

– L.C., Winnipeg, MB

Once I dealt with my resistance, I found the thorough re-write of my résumé to be extremely helpful, enabling me to focus on the positive aspects of my legal career so far. This new version would certainly not have come into existence without your tips and the resources provided by CMS for which, I thank you! 

– E.B., Montreal, QC

Your company played a large part (in finding a new position), I believe, in the process. Alan’s help was invaluable in putting my résumé together. Also, your website’s link to job search engines and interview tips were fantastic. Ultimately, I am grateful for having been associated with your company during what could have been a very difficult process. Thank You. 

– B.G., Moncton, NB

I found CMS to be innovative, responsive and in tune with today’s job market. CMS put me in front of top decision makers with a well crafted résumé that spoke to the immediate needs of key employers. The tactics used to have my résumé seen by over 100+ executives in my field of endeavour were professional, direct and represented me in the best possible light to these potential employers. I hold their services in the highest regard and they would be my first phone call should this type of expertise be required in the future. On a professional level, I believe their services would be a welcomed compliment to a comprehensive Human Resources Program.

– R.C., Toronto, ON

I just wanted to thank you for your help and empathy; you was a critical part of my job search process, especially as a listener and observer. A “sounding board”.  I hope I can continue my relationship with CMS going forward. Thank you very much and Kudos for a job well done.

 J.H., Toronto, ON