Thank You CMS!

By Louise Hack

This is why we do what we do.  When one of our candidates is successful in their search, hearing their gratitude for the help we have provided is truly heart warming.  When we first meet our candidate clients, they are often very depressed, worried and confused about what to do next. Being ‘let go’ from a job can be humbling, humiliating, and just down right scary.

Through the course of the CMS program, our candidates develop a strong relationship with their personal Program Coach and together, they develop a strategy for their resume and their job search going forward.  Sometimes the search is very straightforward and sometimes it is not.  Sometimes, candidates will land a new position quickly, and sometimes it takes more time and more patience. Sometimes it takes re-working the strategy and tweaking the resume and the marketing efforts multiple times before their is a successful outcome.  But, sticking with our candidates, putting genuine thought and effort into their job search strategy, always pays off in the end.

Many times we dont hear from our candidates after they have been successful in their searches.. for a number of reasons. But their new silence general gives us an indication of the outcome. However, when our candidates do take the time to write or call with their sincere appreciation, it warms the hearts of all of us and motivates us all to continue to do what we do with true passion and commitment.   When a CMS candidate has been successful in their search, the whole CMS team is notified and we celebrate the success of the candidate and the Program Coach!

Our business may be considered “corporate outplacement”, but when you get right down to it, it is a much more personal then that title indicates.  We love what we do, and hearing this sentiment keeps us inspired!