Letting someone go is difficult for any organization. Above all else, you need to make sure you handle the situation delicately. Whatever the reason, such as poor performance or being a poor match with the current position, the move will have a significant impact on your company and its remaining employees in many ways and you must to be prepared. Here are the top 10 challenges you will likely face when letting someone go:

1.  Examining the Employment Contract

It is important to understand everything in the employment contract the employee signed when being hired. If you fail to follow the contract, you could potentially expose your organization to a lawsuit.

2.  Fully Understanding the Reason for Dismissal

Make sure you fully understand why you are letting this person go. If it is a result of their poor performance, you need to have carefully considered the reasons why and be able Colts present them at the meeting. You should have previously brought these issues to their attention to ensure the dismissal is not a complete surprise.

3.  Choosing the Right Time and Place

Timing is everything and place matters as well. You need to make sure you pick the right time of day for letting someone go to avoid its impact on the functioning of your business. You should also select a place that is big enough for three people and away from the prying eyes of other staff.

4.  Acting Promptly

It can be easy to put off firing someone until next week, but you are only hurting yourself and your organization. Although it letting someone go is hard to do, you need to bite the bullet and get it done.

5.  Understanding Your Legal Requirements

Your legal requirements vary according to your province. You need to have a handle on your legal requirements, including having proper documentation, adequate notice or pay in-lieu of and required severance pay.

6.  Stress on Managers

Letting someone go is a difficult task for any manager. Keep an eye on your managers and be sure to offer support for them throughout this difficult process.

7.  Impact on Morale

The impact of a dismissal can ripple throughout an organization, especially if this person had employees working for them. It can be quite shocking and cause many others to fear for their own position. Communicating the situation clearly with staff is essential to helping to minimize the blowback.

8.  Ensuring the Transition Goes Smoothly

When someone is a departing from a position, you need to be ready to assign their responsibilities to other staff members to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

9.  Arranging an End Date

You don’t always want an employee walking out the door immediately after having given their notice. One option is giving staff a bonus if you need them to produce for a specific amount of time. However, you do expose yourself to the risk of sabotage, so you need to be careful.

10.  Worrying About Their Future

It can be natural for you and other staff to worry about the future of the colleague you just let go. Fortunately, help is available. CMS is your career transition specialist. We work with executives and managers to help them find a new position after dismissal and get their lives back on track. Learn more about the services we offer.