Support for Our Job Seekers

Personal, Practical, Holistic Job Search Support

Welcome. Your employer has hired CMS Career Management Solutions to help you find a new position as quickly as possible.  We invite you to review the services available, watch the introductory video on our homepage.

To begin your CMS Job Search Assistance program please log in above using the unique password provided to you by your Program Coach. If you have not been assigned a Program Coach or have not yet been provided with program passwords, please contact us.

Here is an Overview of What to Expect:


If you have a Full Service Program, an experienced Career Coach will guide you through each step of the job search process. All the support and administrative elements of our service are conveniently available through the CMS interactive website, email, telephone and Skype from our team of experienced career marketing specialists.  Plus, private face-to-face meeting(s) with a local Professional Counsellor (in major centres) are available to help you deal with any issues of a psychological nature which may be impeding your ability to move forward at this time.


  • Program Features:
    • Personal Goal Setting to establish the most realistic job search objective for the employee in the current market and at this point in his or her career
    • Formal Career Assessment with a 20-page written report interpreted by a Licensed Professional Counsellor or Certified Program Coach in a private business office setting or by phone/Skype if preferred
    • Professional Résumé Writing (and cover letter) assistance with access to our extensive database of up-to-date examples on a 24/7 basis
    • Social Media Marketing includes the design and set-up of a competitive LinkedIn page for a safe and effective internet presence
    • Interview Preparation including in-depth questions & answers and debriefing
    • Implementation of a carefully targeted Résumé Marketing Campaign includes:
      • Market Research required to develop a comprehensive list of suitable employers, career sites and recruiting firms for the employee to contact through this service
      • Customized Résumés and Letters for advertised openings;
      • Proactive Counselling and Advice to help use the above resources quickly and efficiently; plus dealing with executive search firms and employment agencies, targeted letter writing campaigns to designated executives, obtaining helpful reference letters from past employers and handling salary negotiations etc.
    • 24/7 Access to All Service Modules including our extensive Résumé Examples data-base, Personal Goal Setting Exercises, Interview Practice Exercises, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers and General Job Search Information, Daily Tips and useful Links to the business press.
    • Personal financial counselling by an independent CFP Professional.