Think of Us as an Extention to Your HR Team

How We Support Our Valued HR Clients.

Welcome.  We look forward to working with you, and to find out how our programs can suit your employees needs, while also suiting your budgets.

  • If you need help when delivering difficult news to an employee, let us assist you onsite to make the transition as compassionate as possible.
  • All of our Outplacement Programs include onsite assistance, excluding the Resume Writing Service.
  • If have a larger layoff, let’s talk about designing a workshop that will provide meaningful help to your people.
  • If you have great people onboard, but some need a little personal coaching to escalate their performance to a higher level give us a call to discuss, or log in, using your unique HR password.  Here you will find access to Enrolment Forms, Program Outlines and Brochures.

Website Access for HR Managers

With a personal HR password to our website portal, you can complete program enrolment forms, print brochures, review up-to-date program information including fees, as well as employee progress reports. Request HR Password.

This is How to Offer Our Services

(A) Suggestion: Copy and paste this paragraph (edit as required) near the end of the employee’s termination letter.

Notwithstanding the above, and at company expense, we are offering you a professional career counselling and job search assistance service to help you secure a new position as quickly as possible. To understand the full extent of the resources being provided, please read the enclosed ‘Professional Career Transition Services’ brochure and visit using the passwords shown in the brochure. These services are available to you from today.

(B) Login with your personal HR passwords, and scroll down to the Registration Form.

(C) Enter the employee’s information and click the “Submit” button when finished. Please make sure you complete the “Special Instructions” section (if any) pertaining to each candidate – particularly in connection with CMS contacting the individual or any other issues that we should know about from an outplacement counselling perspective.

IMPORTANT: IF Onsite Termination Counselling assistance is required, please submit the form at least 24 hours before the anticipated time of the meeting.

The following is only applicable if on site assistance in NOT required.

(D) A unique User Name and Password for the employee will automatically appear in the Registration Form the moment you submit the enrollment form to CMS. Please write those passwords into a CMS ‘Professional Career Transition Services’ brochure and give that brochure to the employee to take home following his or her final employment termination interview. The brochure explains the services being offered from the employee’s perspective and gives him/her the name and number of a person at CMS who is familiar with his situation. The passwords allow immediate access to the services and materials available through our website. Should you not have one of the above mentioned brochures at hand you can request hard or soft copies by contacting us.

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“‪We have utilized the expertise and support of CMS on many occasions and can speak to the professional nature and coaching skills that Louise and her team have. In many cases I have needed their assistance with only a moment’s notice but Louise has always responded promptly and ensured services were provided. ‬‬‬‬‬

We rely on her and have never been let down! She provides exemplary service. Thank you for all you do!”

Julie Yandt, Human Resources Manager,
The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group (Formerly Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company)

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