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CMS is 100% Canadian outplacement firm that has been providing corporate sponsored employees with professional career counselling and job-search assistance services for over thirty five years.  Our reputation as the Canadian career marketing experts has been developed through helping over fifteen thousand employees (from C-Suite executives to front line operators) from over 500 major corporations and public sector organizations in all areas of the economy – from Victoria, BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.

You can think of CMS consultants as temporary extensions to your own HR department.

Without exception we consider ourselves to be in ‘The Helping Business’ and we feel a personal responsibility for the work do on your behalf. (CMS is not a division of a multi-national corporation controlled by hedge fund managers purely focused on shareholder value in different jurisdictions or countries.)   Furthermore, we are fully aware that your success and reputation for choosing the right provider is our success and reputation too!

Searching for work and promoting oneself to strangers in the unforgiving and complex job market is a lonely and frustrating experience for most people.

Our thoroughly up-to-date program and techniques, supported by local professional counsellors and highly proactive career coaches can make the difference between a person persevering with his or her job search until a satisfactory outcome is obtained – or giving up in the middle of the race and entering a downward spiral. Our prime purpose is to prevent that downward spiral (with all its unintended consequences) from happening. We invite you to view a subset of our client list.

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Our Job Seekers are Saying

“Being in IT and supporting fellow users for so long, it’s almost like I’ve forgotten my own needs over the years. The new resume format looks great, and CMS certainly has an upper hand on the needs of potential employers. Looking forward to working with you further….  Very appreciative.”

– Laurier C., Winnipeg, MB

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"I lost my one and only job of 22 years. The only place I had ever worked. I was scared. I had never had to look for a job before. All this at 41 years of age. CMS was there to help me with everything. They helped to put together an excellent resume and cover letter. They gave advice on how to look for a job, how to network with my peers and strangers. Most importantly CMS took me "out of the box". They gave me a no fear attitude and it was hard but they stood by all the steps...the failed interviews..the companies that don't call back. They kept me motivated even when I just wanted to curl up and sleep all day. Thanks to the no fear attitude I landed a great job and relocated to the Caribbean from Toronto. I couldn't have got here alone so thank you CMS!"

Jennifer D.

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