HR Consulting

Our Human Resources Consulting Services are suitable for organizations that:

  • are smaller and who have minimal HR support or more junior HR support; 
  • have short-term talent gaps due to leaves or vacancies; 
  • are interested in an outside, impartial view of the issues and solutions.

Organizational Development Solutions:

    • Employee engagement assessment, strategy and action plan development
    • Talent management strategy and program development including talent assessment, succession planning and development planning
    • Performance management program development
    • Stay or Exit interview program development and stand-alone projects
    • Talent acquisition programs and related processes including branding, sourcing, selection, hiring, record keeping and onboarding
    • Comprehensive HR Practice Audits
    • 360 Assessments and Hiring/Selection Coaching
    • Workshops on a Variety of HR Topics
    • Communities of Practice
    • Leadership Coaching

3rd Party Exit Interviews

As a human resources consulting company, our objective is to give you the ammunition needed to increase employee engagement, make people happier at work and ultimately reduce wasteful staff turnover.

Candid exit interviews with an outside consultant become important in cases where there are increased volumes of involuntary departures and/or HR personnel want to get an independent perspective on the underlying reasons of why employees leave. Often, people leave their companies because they don’t see a way to move their careers forward within the organization, and there are unmet expectations.

Third-party Exit Interviews between your former employees and CMS consultants can help in identifying patterns of why people leave, and enable you to make policy or structural changes that better engage employees for the future.

How can we help to support your HR  team?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.

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