Workshops, Career Assessment, High Performance Coaching & Third Party Exit Interviews

Additional Options for Your Employees

At CMS we strive to listen and respond to the needs of our HR clients.  The following program options are offered in response to those needs: group résumé writing and interview preparation workshops,  formal career assessment and consultation, high performance coaching for current employees and third party exit interviews.

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Group Workshops

As we all know, organizational changes are often unavoidable. Wanting to help our employees affected by these changes is inherent to you, as a Human Resources Manager, but sometimes you don’t have the budget or the time to implement such help.

As an option, you may like to consider our cost effective, customized group -solutions that can be organized quickly. Choose from our Résumé Writing or Interview Preparation workshops.

Our facilitators are well versed in acting as a sounding board for people feeling frustrated – but have a remarkable way of helping employees to look forward with a sense of positivity and optimism. This can be key to helping the organizational changes go smoothly, especially for those on working notice.


Our workshops are:

  • Customized – we consider the audience we are speaking to in regards to job level, industry and company circumstances.
  • Highly interactive – we engage with participants and encourage them to share ideas with each other.
  • Practical and Effective – all participants receive a professionally written résumé and strategies that they can easily implement into their interview practice going forward.
  • Empowering! – reducing your employees fear of the unknown, and maintain morale.

If individual career transition programs are not an option, workshops can be a powerful way to:

  • Motivate and Encourage your employees to accept the pending changes.
  • Empower people who are scared and worried about their incomes and the affect of job loss on their families.
  • Provide people with practical job search tools and techniques.


Individual, Formal Career Assessment

For valued existing staff who don’t seem to be in the right position, and may need an alternate role within the company; but you just don’t know where he or she may fit.

Unavoidable changes within an organization affect everyone.  If there is a chance to salvage valued employees by finding them alternate roles within the company, your department can save thousands on severance related costs.  Let us help to determine alternative roles/departments where those staff members could be happy and successful long term.




High Performance Coaching

Our Performance coaches are brain trainers, and success psychology trainers. We use a science based coaching process that is designed to drive one’s health, wealth, self, business & relationships to the next level.

We do this through the  development and implementation of several key performance skills, tools, strategies and brain training psychology. We use a highly strategic and science  based proven process to help clients reach their HQLE – High Quality of Life Experience.

We help employees and Managers alike to overcome limiting  beliefs, and help them to create new empowering results, from a new set of beliefs to create success in all areas of their life. In addition, High Performance Coaching can be useful in some mediation situations.


Exit & Internal Employee Interviews

CMS Consultants can help you to better understand issues of concern within the work environment, of existing or former employees, through a private, third party interview initiative.

Through candid one-to-one interviews, our analysis will produce effective action plans aimed at increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover.


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Since 1981, over 500 corporations across Canada have trusted CMS to help their valued employees.

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"CMS played a large part in me finding a new position. I believe in the CMS process. Alan’s help was invaluable in putting my résumé together. Also, your coaching, website, and interview tips were fantastic.

Ultimately, I am grateful for having been associated with your company during what could have been a very difficult process. Thank You.”

Brian Green, CFP

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