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At CMS we strive to listen and respond to the needs of our HR clients.  The following program options are offered in response to those needs: group résumé writing and interview preparation workshops,  termination prevention through formal career assessment, high performance coaching and third party exit interviews.

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CMS Résumé Writing (and Interview Preparation) Workshops are cost effective options when HR budgets are not available to purchase individual outplacement programs for your employees.   In addition to making sure that your people leave the company with a professional résumé, our consultants help defuse tensions (derived from the employees’ fear of the unknown) by explaining why there are always opportunities in the greater economy for people like them with proven skills and experience – providing they present a positive and businesslike persona to the marketplace.

These instructive and motivational group meetings can be the key to engendering a positive attitude in employees working through their notice period and it shows the rest of your workforce that you always have their best interest at heart – even during difficult times. Please contact Louise Hack, or 416.960.9845 ext 2977 for details.


Separation Prevention

Do you have any Square Pegs in Round Holes?

As every HR professional knows, replacing highly skilled staff is disruptive and expensive to all the parties concerned. For staff members who have become demotivated and unproductive in their current role, a private and confidential third-party Career Assessment can be the first step in the determining the type of position where he or she will feel more comfortable and engaged in the near term and long term future.

Our objective is to re-motivate and salvage ’square pegs in round holes’ by designing and articulating the career goal and career path which appeals to the inner vision that they have of themselves. These findings are then shared at a formal meeting attended by all the parties concerned and chaired by the CMS consultant involved in the case. If an action plan can be developed and agreed upon which satisfies the needs of the individual and the organization the objective will have been reached and our involvement ends there.

However, should the desired outcome prove impossible to reach BOTH PARTIES will understand that a separation is in BOTH THEIR INTERESTS and the employee can make a smooth transition into our outplacement service and find a position more suitable for him outside of the company. In our opinion, this is the most civilized and proactive career transition initiative that a company can offer to employees who seem to have lost enthusiasm for their work. Please contact Louise Hack, or 416.960.9845 ext 2977 for details.


High Performance Coaching

Turn Your Future Stars into TODAY’s Super Stars

The objective is to help both Employees and Managers overcome their limiting beliefs which in turn empowers them to achieve amazing results for themselves and the organization.

Our Certified Performance Coaches are brain trainers, and success psychology trainers. We use a science based coaching process that is designed to drive one’s health, wealth, self, business & relationships to the next level.

CMS consultants do this through the development and implementation of several key performance skills, tools, strategies and brain training psychology designed to help clients reach their HQLE – High Quality of Life Experience. Any open-minded, ambitious and upwardly mobile employee is suitable material for this program, i.e. irrespective of his or her current career level or function. Please contact Carlayne Gilbertson, or 416.960.9845 ext 3004 for details.


Third Party Exit Interviews

Do you know what they REALLY think?

Scenario #1. BEFORE THE EVENT. Our objective is to give you the ammunition you need to increase employee engagement, make people happier at work and reduce wasteful staff turnover.

Candid interviews with an outside consultant is the very best way to find out what employees really think about working for your organization and WHY SOME MAY FEEL FRUSTRATED BECAUSE THEIR TALENTS ARE NOT BEING FULLY UTILIZED – often because of unspoken office politics and/or personal prejudices in their work area(s). Our objective, third party consultants can often pin point the root causes of these potential problems so that you can deal with them in a timely manner and prevent them from escalating into major issues in the future.

Scenario #2. AFTER THE EVENT. When your instinct and experience as an HR Professional tells you there is probably a hidden reason why a valued individual has left the company of his or her own free will, or has been terminated for reasons you can’t quite quantify in your own mind, the chances are your intuition is pointing you to the tip of a dangerous iceberg. A Third Party Exit Interview, conducted about three weeks after the separation event by an independent CMS consultant, can very often get to the bottom of the true reasons why the separation occurred and enable you to deal with similar situations in the future BEFORE THEY OCCUR. Please contact Lisa Petsinis, or 416.960.9845 ext 3008 for details.

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"CMS played a large part in me finding a new position. I believe in the CMS process. Alan’s help was invaluable in putting my résumé together. Also, your coaching, website, and interview tips were fantastic.

Ultimately, I am grateful for having been associated with your company during what could have been a very difficult process. Thank You.”

Brian Green, CFP

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