Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Set them up for success! 

Newly promoted managers often find transitioning from performing individual, daily tasks to managing others, to be more difficult than they first anticipated.

It can be a very unsettling time for new managers, as they struggle with finding the right balance of being ‘too weak’ or ‘too strong’ in their approach to leadership, and dealing with how the relationship with their co-workers has changed.


The new Emerging Leaders Coaching Program offered through CMS can help to: 

  • Find the balance between individual responsibilities and time spent managing others
  • Strike a balance in how authority is exercised, especially when supervising friends or former peers 
  • Establish boundaries
  • Find an individuals management style


The Objectives

The objectives for the Emerging Leadership Coaching program are based on goals that are pre-determined through in-depth awareness sessions with the client and key stakeholders. This coaching program is committed to:

  • Focusing on achieving leadership goals
  • Understanding intrinsic leadership strengths and communication styles
  • Identifying gaps in leadership and communications styles
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Finding ones leadership style, and learning how to be flexible
  • Creating a custom and measurable action plan: a ‘roadmap’ to the goals
  • Discovering and practicing new leadership skills
  • Rectifing situational challenges that may emerge along the way

How can we help to support your HR  team?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.