Formal Career Assessment

à la carte Formal Career Assessment & Consultation

CMS offers a stand alone formal career assessment for your current or outgoing employees.

The goal is to develop clarification or confirmation on ones future career direction, using the Strong Interest Inventory®Career Assessment tool in conjunction with a private phone consultation with a qualified practitioner at CMS.

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the world’s most respected and widely used career planning tools. It provides robust insights into your career interests. It helps you to discover potential careers you may not have considered and gives you a wealth of information about how you approach the world of work.

The Strong measures your interest in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. The questionnaire compares how these interests are similar to the interests of people successfully employed in those occupations. It is used to help people understand their work interests and to illustrate the kinds of work in which they might be most satisfied.

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