Termination Prevention

Find New Purpose for Valued Employees & Prevent Costly Severances​

We offer a variety of employee assessments depending on need: Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs, DiSC and Selection Assessment tools. 

Replacing experienced staff is obviously disruptive and expensive for all parties concerned. For formerly productive and motivated staff members facing the humiliating prospect of being placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) a private and confidential third-party employee assessment with a CMS consultant can be the first step in turning the performance problem around. Or, a career assessment can help determine the type of position where he or she will feel more comfortable and engaged in the future.

Our first objective is to identify the core issue(s) troubling the employee via an employee evaluation, and then to design and articulate a realistic career goal which appeals to his or her inner vision of him or herself, i.e. where they see themselves in the workplace. If an action plan can be developed and agreed upon which satisfies the needs of both the individual and your organization the program will be deemed successful and our involvement ends there.

However, should the desired outcome prove impossible to reach both parties will understand that a separation is in BOTH THEIR INTERESTS and the employee can make a smooth transition into our outplacement service and find a position more suitable for him outside of the company.

How can we help to support your HR  team?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.

Employee Evaluation & Job Assessment in Toronto