No matter the industry you’re in, it’s a competitive market.  There are a million options available to people, a million ways to find them and a million factors as to why one chooses the vendor he does.  Perhaps it’s force of habit, perhaps its unawareness of the alternatives, perhaps it’s a matter of personal values or a matter of relationship, or maybe it comes down to matter of price.  In all likelihood it’s a combination of all of these things – which are then complicated by specific needs required at specific times plus the influence of others, who may have their own set of requirements!

As entrepreneurs and business managers, it is our job to do our best in making sure our existing clientele are confident in the services they are purchasing so that they are comfortable to buy them again, and to ensure that prospective clients know that you actually exist and can provide to them, what you have provided for your valued, (and hopefully long term) existing clientele.  References in this respect go a long way in developing a solid reputation in your field.

At CMS developing a reputation for transparency, integrity and accountability to our Human Resources clients is cornerstone to our culture.  We don’t pretend to be a large, international firm with multiple entities and divisions, which may be important to the values of some looking for HR Consulting services like ours.  Instead, we are proud to call ourselves a privately owned, 100% Canadian business who has developed a proven track record in support HR Managers since 1981.   

Since then, we have remained steadfast in providing timely, personal and effective services to the Canadian HR clients that have put their trust in us – developing strong, long term relationships that they have come to rely on.  We are a boutique agency, that steers away from ‘cookie cutter’ approaches to providing HR solutions. We work from the understanding that no matter our job titles, or status, that we are all human, that we all need very customized and personal support at one time or another – without pretense or fear of manipulation.  We work hard to ensure true accountability to you, our client; making sure that, in this often-mistrusting world, you are confident that we are in fact providing the services we promised to and are billing fair prices for the work that we do. By forging this reputation for transparency, integrity and accountability, we build deep connections with our HR partners.

During stressful times like terminations and downsizings, it is important that you have a partner that you can rely on to promptly support you according to the task at hand.  Someone who can help alleviate your worries and stress and act as an impartial sounding board, someone who has a wealth of experience to draw on to help make your job as easy as possible.  The stress of planning unfortunate terminations is not a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 thing! How nice would it be if you knew your HR partner was available whenever you needed them!

In summary, HR clients gravitate towards CMS because after the first conversation with us, it is clear that we provide professional, compassionate and reliable support to HR teams – that we work hard to develop customized solutions that will meet your particular needs as quickly as possible.  That we are truly interested and invested in the success your HR project and provide cost effective solutions that you can offer to anyone irrespective of their function, income or career level. That we will earn your trust by demonstrating our accountability through the provision of monthly reports.  That we ensure the services that we provide to your employees are meaningful, up to date and effective; that they utilize practical resources supported by a team of qualified personnel; that they provide personal, financial and career coaching components for a holistic, meaningful approach. That we have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide – at a cost that could cut your department budgets substantially.

To learn more about how we can support you, I invite you to read some of the success stories written by both our HR clients and our job seeker clients at or contact me directly:

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