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“ CMS provides the perfect blend of professional, compassionate & personal support to both our HR team, and our outgoing employees ”

HR Director, CMS Client

Boutique HR Consulting and Outplacement  Services in Vancouver.  The goal at CMS is to provide you with responsive, professional and personal support both locally and nationwide – support that you can rely on to be consistent and meaningful.  We have priced our range of full-service outplacement programs so that they can be offered to anyone, irrespective of his or her function, income or carer level.  

Searching for work and promoting oneself to total strangers in a competitive job market is a lonely and frustrating experience for most people.  Our compassionate team and practical resources can make all the difference when one is trying to navigate through a job search.

Ultimately, we are in the ‘helping business’ and every member of our team feels personally responsible for the work we do for our candidates and the HR Managers who introduce them to us.

At CMS, we are all fully aware that our candidates’ success is also our success and reputation. To that end, we do not lock our corporate clients into annual contracts. To us, every job you give us is ‘the first job’ – and we make absolutely sure that you will always be happy to give us the next one!

Here is a break-down of what services are included in our Full Service programs for candidates in Vancouver:

Program Features:

  • Personal Goal Setting to establish the most realistic job search objective for the employee in the current market and at this point in his or her career
  • Formal Career Assessment with a 20-page written report interpreted by a Licensed Professional Counsellor or Certified Life Coach in a private business office setting or by phone/Skype if preferred
  • Professional Résumé Writing (and cover letter) assistance with access to our extensive database of up-to-date examples on a 24/7 basis
  • Social Media Marketing includes the design and set-up of a competitive LinkedIn page for a safe and effective internet presence
  • Interview Preparation including in-depth questions & answers and debriefing
  • Implementation of a carefully targeted Résumé Marketing Campaign includes:
    • Market Research required to develop a comprehensive list of suitable employers, career sites and recruiting firms for the employee to contact through this service
    • Customized Résumés and Letters for advertised openings;
    • Proactive Counselling and Advice to help use the above resources quickly and efficiently; plus dealing with executive search firms and employment agencies, targeted letter writing campaigns to designated executives, obtaining helpful reference letters from past employers and handling salary negotiations etc.
  • 24/7 Access to All Service Modules including our extensive Résumé Examples data-base, Personal Goal Setting Exercises, Interview Practice Exercises, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers and General Job Search Information, Daily Tips and useful Links to the business press.
  • Personal Financial counselling.


I had the pleasure of working with CMS on developing my resume and cover letters for different areas of business. All were a pleasure to deal with and seemed to understand what was required to enhance my documents to a level of perfection. When I needed their help they were always available to talk and work through the processes with me. They offered other suggestions that may help in opening up different avenues for business opportunities. I found CMS not only a great help in wording and plat forming my business documents to the point of being very professional and eye appealing, but they also offered words of advise and seemed to work with an open door policy to help me succeed in what I wanted to accomplish. I found them to really care about my personal outcome. Their professionalism and supportive ear is a rare commodity to find in todays business climate. 

CMS  took the time to understand what I wanted and needed to succeed. Without a doubt I would recommend CMS to help enhance your business documents, and guide you to successful results!!

– Constance E., Vancouver, BCConsulting 

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