Career Transition Workshops & Webinars

CMS Workshops are customized to your particular group of employees, for effective career transition preparation.


The objective of CMS Workshops & Webinars is to provide meaningful, personal career transition help to groups of employees affected by job loss, or change within their organizations.

Our workshops are always customized to the group we are working with taking into consideration job level, industry and various circumstances. We encourage creativity and optimism through the sharing of ideas and interaction with group leaders and peers.

The aim is to empower people to embrace new possibilities, reduce their fears, support each other and inspire a positive morale amongst the group by providing them with practical tools and strategies needed to succeed in the next stage of their careers.

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Choose either or both of these workshop topics:


Résumé Writing Best Practices

During this half day career transition workshop we focus on the relationship between effective marketing and effective résumé writing, as well as LinkedIn profile development.

After the workshop is over, we continue helping your people on an individual basis by phone, video conference and email until every participant has a professional résumé that presents him or her to the market in a concise and professional manner.


In-depth Interview Preparation

This half day workshop ensures that each employee enters the job market confident that he or she has already anticipated and practiced answering virtually every behavioural or technical question that may be asked at an employment interview. It also focuses on the importance of research, state management and emotional intelligence in preparation for an interview.

These instructive and motivational workshops are customized depending on the group of participants.


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