Career Transition Workshops

Résumé Writing Best Practices

During this the half day workshop we focus on the relationship between effective marketing and effective Résumé writing, as well as LinkedIn profile development.

After the workshop is over we continue to work with your people on an individual basis by phone, Skype and email until every participant has a professional résumé that presents him or her to the market in a concise and accurate manner.

In-depth Interview Preparation

This half day workshop ensures that each employee enters the job market confident that he or she has already anticipated and practiced answering virtually every behavioural or technical question that may be asked at an employment interview. It also focuses on the importance of research, state management and emotional intelligence in preparation for an interview.

These instructive and motivational workshops are customized depending on the group of participants.

Personal Financial Management

Various topics available including; Health and Wealth, Budgeting, Investing. Presented by an independent CFP Professional.

(All workshops available for groups of 10+).

How can we help to support your HR  team?

Organizational changes aren’t always easy to talk about.  Let us help you to make them as easy as possible.

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