High Performance Coaching

Coaching for Sustainable, Enhanced Employee Performance

The objective of the CMS high performance coaching program is to help employees and managers overcome their limiting beliefs and increase their self awareness, empowering them to achieve amazing results for themselves, for their families, and for the organizations they work for.  

High Performance Coaching can be especially effective for those finding difficulty in transitioning to remote work environments or for those teams who have seen a shift in their workloads or tasks. 

Our Certified Performance Coaches are brain trainers, and success psychology trainers. They use a science based coaching process that is designed to drive one’s overall performance to the next level.


The focus of our High Performance Coaching Program is to build self-awareness and EI for your team members to:

        • Understand their individual conditioning and how it impacts who they have become, their behaviours,                  and the way they see the world.
        • Understand why their emotions are a driver for everything they do.
        • Build awareness around how others behave, and how to manage it.
        • Learn how their own experiences & beliefs affect how they react in conflict situations.
        • Identify the limiting beliefs that are not serving them for desired results.
        • Bring their ‘whole self’ to work and encourage co-workers to do the same.
        • Eliminate ‘imposter complex’ and personal insecurities helping them to bring their inherent strengths to work.
        • Empower emotional connections to the goals of the team increasing loyalty, commitment  and motivation.
        • Learn self-acceptance and acceptance of others’ unique perspectives through a deeper understanding of self.
        • Understand State Management and how to use it to change their feelings and positively influence others.
        • Implement daily strategies and tools to create sustainable change, not just at work, but in every area of their life.


Please contact us to learn more about High Performance Coaching, and how we can customize group or individualized programs based on your desired outcomes.