Full-Service Outplacement Counselling and Outplacement Assistance in Canada

Every job search is extremely personal – and highly competitive.

Following your employees last day, a CMS program coach will compassionately connect with him or her to provide personal support and to start the development and implementation of a personalized, comprehensive job search strategy.  Our full-service outplacement assistance program can be defined by three pillars, ensuring a holistic approach to career transition support:

1. Personal / Life coaching; to create a sense of empowerment, confidence and optimism for the future.

2. Practical job search assistance tools and strategies; to create the biggest pool of potential job opportunities.

3. Professional financial counselling; to relieve the stress caused by the sudden lack of employment and subsequent income.

All full-service outplacement assistance programs across Canada include the following : 

A qualified, personal program coach in Canada will be assigned to each employee to manage the following full-service outplacement counselling program features:

  • Personal Goal Setting to establish the most realistic job search objective for the employee in the current market and at this point in his or her career.
  • Formal Career Assessment with a 20-page written report interpreted by a certified practitioner. 
  • Professional Résumé Writing assistance with access to our extensive database of examples.
  • Social Media Marketing including the design and set-up of a competitive LinkedIn page.
  • In-depth Interview Preparation including emotional intelligence training and support for difficult questions.
  • Implementation of a carefully targeted Résumé Marketing Campaign including:
    • the development of comprehensive lists of suitable potential employers, career sites and recruiting firms.
  • 24/7 online, access to program modules including: Personal Goal Setting Exercises, Résumé Writing Exercises, Interview Practice Exercises, General Job Search Tips, and our extensive Résumé Examples data-base.
  • Proactive, personal coaching regarding customized résumés and letters, executive search firms and employment agencies, targeted résumé marketing campaigns, how to obtain reference letters, handling salary negotiations etc., etc.
  • Personal Financial counselling by our CFP.

Program duration options are as follows:

  • Bronze – 6 weeks of proactive support 
  • Silver – 3 months of proactive support (most popular among our clients)
  • Gold – 6 months of proactive support
  • Platinum – 9 months of proactive support 

Please contact us to learn more about our full-service Outplacement Counselling Programs, how we can support you and about our volume discounts for larger groups affected by organizational change.


“I have been working with Louise and the CMS team for many years now and I always breath a sigh of relief when I see them on-site.

CMS brings a sense of calm and hope in what are very difficult situations for all people involved. They offer expertise, reliability and they transform a negative situation into a positive one.

I’ve heard great feedback about the career transition services offered and I also feel secure in knowing that people are in good hands with Louise and the CMS team. I would highly recommend their services.”

Human Resources Consultant

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