Build-Your-Own Outplacement Program

Self-Managed and Self-Paced Career Transition Assistance

If you’re unsure that a full-service outplacement program will be fully utilized by some, you may choose to create a program that is designed specific to the needs of your outgoing employee, and saves your budget.

Our Build-Your-Own Outplacmement Program Option is based on the provision of our online, WorkHorseU© program.  

WorkHorseU© is an online, self-managed and self-paced job search assistance program, designed to help one find meaning, growth and success in their career.  It includes 100+ pages of easy-to-follow, in-depth, proven career planning and job search philosophies, tools, techniques, resources, exercises, and hundreds of examples. 

Add Personal Services as-needed

The WorkHorseU© program can be provided as a meaningful, stand-alone job search resource, or it can be used as a base on which to add personalized career development services, depending on the individual needs of your employee.

Personal add-on services may include:

  • Formal Career Assessment with Consultation
  • Professional Résumé Writing
  • Personal Coaching
  • Financial Counselling

Please contact us to learn more about our Build-Your-Own Outplacement Programs .


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