Virtual Outplacement Services for Outgoing Employees in Canada

Self-Managed and Self-Paced Virtual Outplacement Assistance

When you want to offer practical job search assistance, resources and tools to groups of employees you can no longer employ, but full-service outplacement program options are not in the budget, CMS’ Virtual Outplacement may be just the solution you are looking for.

Our copyrighted Career Management System© is an online, self-managed and self-paced outplacement assistance program. It offers the exact same techniques and job search materials as our full-service program(s), but interaction with a personal career coach is replaced with a virtual career coach and email support.

Program modules provide extensive information, tools, resources and personal exercises in the following areas: 

  • Program Introduction and Job Search Management
  • The Importance of Personal Goal Setting
  • Effective Résumé and Cover Letter Writing 
  • Résumé Marketing and Networking
  • In-depth Interview Preparation

*Online program access remains open to your employees for six months.


Please contact us to learn more about our Virtual Outplacement Programs and how we can support you.


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